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           133 Photo Albums

301 Pictures

Little Loop trip June 23-24 2012 Pics in Chicago

No set schedule, I went to Chicago for the night and saw a reggae band on Saturday night, the Chicago Womens 5k run, great sights and gorgeous weather.

114 Pictures

2012 Memorial Day Weekend on the Boat

I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do this weekend. I ended up working on the boat all day Saturday and never left the marina. On Sunday I drove to Chicago, had dinner with my family, and drove back at dusk.

23 Pictures

New HOTBOATDEALS.com Race Boat!

The new Hot Boat Deals Race Boat Pictures!!!

20 Pictures

Short trip to Beer Can Beach

I went on a short trip this weekend with some new friends out to the lake and over to Beer Can Beach which is right next to Hammond Marina. We didn't even get there till 4:30 pm on Saturday. Since it was such a nice hot weekend, and we wanted to get the party on, we ended up pulling into hammond for diesel, "closed", so we spent the night in a slip to check out the casino and hang with some friends from the temulac boat club. For those who don't know, that's calumet spelled backwards. Anyway, these pictures were from the way back when our trip was halted by a huge ship in the river...

315 Pictures

OSS Smokin the Sound Race Day Biloxi MS

Here are my pictures from the OSS APBA Smokin the Sound Powerboat races in Biloxi MS. IT was a blast and a long day in the sun! Enjoy the pictures and video I took!

217 Pictures

OSS Smokin the Sound Pre Race Day

Getting the boat ready for the Sunday P4 races for the OSS smokin the sound powerboat races. I walked the pits and took pictures of most of the boats, the toys ownned by the other teams and by some of the other people.

17 Pictures

Business Trip to Sponsor Racing Boat

I went on a business trip to meet a boat racing team that does multiple races and classes. Here are the pictures from our first meeting and putting our logo on his boat for the first time... We need to make it LARGER!!!

68 Pictures

2012 IRBBA Winter Games - Peoria, IL

Here are my first pictures of the 2012 IRBBA Winter Games which is the Illinois River Basin Winter Games. This is a compilation of 26 boat and yacht clubs that line the Illinois River from Chicago all the way down to Alton Illinois just before the Mississippi River. These people really know how to have a good time! This years event was based on popular tv shows as a theme. Each club had a room on the ground floor atrium section of the hotel. Then in the atrium they have bands, dj music, contests, and other interesting activities. This thing was a blast!!! As my buddy in Detroit would say, this party was "Off The Hook"!!!

8 Pictures

Top Secret Project

Here are some images from a top secret project I'm working on...

204 Pictures

2012 Chicago Boat Show without my kids

I went back to the 2012 Chicago Boat without my kids and had a nice leisurely day walking around the show, meeting people and taking some great pictures of the new boat models. Really liked the 48 Cantius from Cruisers Inc.

89 Pictures

2012 Chicago Boat Show with my kids

I did something daring today. I took my three kids all by myself to the 2012 Chicago Boat & Rv show. We only made it through the Chapparel and Formula Boats booths before my son had run off twice, hid inside of a boat compartment, and then declared that he was tired and wanted to go home. I dragged him down the first isle and back through some other boats and left. We weren't there but for a couple of hours. STRESSFULL!

64 Pictures

OK, I just love my boat!

Ok, I just love my boat... I'm a bit of a psycho about it. I think it's a bad ass looking boat and I love looking at it. Normally there are other boats parked around it but I'm one of the last two boats in the marina and I thought I'd take advantage of that fact.

63 Pictures

Trip to Chicago to see Sunken Boats in Monroe Harbor from 25 ft waves

This is my latest trip to chicago in which we went to view the boats that had sunk from the 25 foot waves that were out in the lake and close to chicago.

55 Pictures

Extended Boating Season on the river

I'm really enjoying boating on the river. It allows for a much extended boating season. Today it was over 80 degrees. That was almost hotter than most of the days in all of September.

14 Pictures

Out Boating on the 10 Year Hot Boat Deals Anniversary

I took the boat out with a few new friends to Chicago on the 10 Year anniversary of HotBoatDeals.com. Yes, just ten short years ago when our country was attacked on 9/11/2001.

44 Pictures

Chicago's Hidden Gem on the river

We found a new marina that is like paradise in the middle of nowhere but only 13.5 miles from the lake. Floating docks, nice people, and very reasonably priced!

128 Pictures

2011 Chicago Air and Water Show

Here are our pictures from the Chicago Air and Water Show. We started out in Montrose Harbor and ended up just about right where we started. There were too many idiots out on the lake tearing past other boats and kicking up too much of a wake. My son was turning white as a sheet so we headed back towards safer waters and simply did the rest of the day back on the wall at Montrose. Fun times!

42 Pictures

2011 Michigan City Superboat Races

Wow! What a day! Here are my pictures and videos from the 2011 Michigan City Superboat Races. It was a rough trip in with gusting rain out on the lake, big waves, white-caps, and a beautiful afternoon! On the way back we had to hide in US Steel's breakwater area, and take it slow afterwards cause of huge waves tossing the boat about...

13 Pictures

PMYC - Poor Mans Yacht Club Commodores Ball 2011

Here are just a few of the pictures I took at the PMYC - Poor Mans Yacht Club Commodores Ball dock party. It was held on Saturday August 6th 2011. Everyone did such an awesome job setting up for this!!! And believe it or not, I even stayed up till about 3 am for this years party. Last year, I drove all the way there in my boat and then fell asleep at about 7:00 pm after going into my boat for something and sitting down. This years event was much more fun! Thanks everyone for throwing such a great event!

36 Pictures

Chicago's new 31st street marina buildout progress

Very early Sunday July 31st 2011 I was heading south past the new 31st street marina which is incredibly quite a short ride from Burnham Harbor in Chicago. I wanted to see how things were coming along and take some pictures of how they were building the breakwall. It was a great day for pictures. They seemed to be building the wall to this new 1300+ Chicago marina in three stages. Small gravel, larger boulders, and then huge stone blocks of sorts. The wall extends out about a 1/4 mile into the lake and then heads south to make an opening for the boats to enter and leave. Check out the pictures!

           133 Boat Photo Albums

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